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Full Moon in Gemini - Print

Full Moon in Gemini - Print

11 x 17 inches, high quality card stock


🌕♊️👯‍♀️ Full Moon in Gemini • November 27, 2023



The Gemini Full Moon brings a celestial invitation to harmonize intuition and reason. This full moon occurs during Sagittarius season, encouraging us to integrate Gemini's analytical thinking with Sagittarius' free-spirited decision-making.



As a mutable air sign ruled by Mercury, Gemini highlights positive expression and adaptability. During this phase, emotional expression takes on a logical tone, fostering open-minded interactions. It's an opportune moment to observe and adjust our communication styles for enhanced connection.



The Gemini constellation represents the myth of Castor and Pollux. Twins with different fathers born to the goddess Leda, mortal Castor and immortal Pollux share a deep bond. When Castor is fatally wounded in battle, Pollux begs his father Zeus to grant his twin immortality. They are transformed into the Gemini constellation, symbolizing loyalty and brotherhood in the night sky.



Draw inspiration from the celestial twins. Collaborate and communicate with a sense of childlike wonder and open-mindedness. When we speak and listen with our heart, we have the opportunity to set healthy boundaries and discover where and with whom our loyalty and energy are truly deserved.

Full Moon in Gemini - Print

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