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Jungle Space Party

Did the damn thing at Jungle Space Party! 🌴🚀 A friend of mine organizes this annual campout of 100+ creative people at a super hidden spot somewhere in Joshua Tree, CA. He invited me to come out and bring my art, so of course I said yes!

But, what was I going to bring out there? I had recently lost my car (AKA wrecked it), so bringing a huge set up wasn't an option. I decided I'd try out body painting, since one pallet doesn't take up too much room! My friend Becka Buns drove me out there (what an angel) and my friend Summer lent me her tent. I love having so much support! My friends are a blessing.

The music was mostly drum and bass, with some psytrance thrown in. My favorite part had to be the live music performances out on the sunrise overlook. Or maybe it was chilling at random campsites, listening to people who had just met jam out and improvise beautiful songs together. Or the random peacock who visited the dance floor.

It was really fun testing out my new body paints from @bluesquidofficial on new friends! 🦑💦 I got drawn on too... that is, I got my first tattoo 😝 A little stick-and-poke that represents my mother and sisters. Lots of people loved the jellyfish piece I worked on, called "Ocean Temple", and followed me later on Instagram.

On Sunday, Summer raced me back to LA so I could paint at the last night of City Hearts, a festival by the Desert Hearts DJ crew. It was a crazy weekend, and I was able to do it all thanks to my rad friends. Much appreciated.

At City Hearts with my friend Lani Lux!

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