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Full Moon Series

Updated: Mar 13, 2022

I've started a new series of pencil drawings around the full moons and their astrological significance.

Full moon in Scorpio

A time to let go of what’s not serving. What needs to die? What needs to be healed? Say goodbye with gratitude for lessons learned. What are you still hanging onto?

Full Moon in Aquarius

The second piece in the series is Full Moon in Aquarius! I tried to make the figure a bit more androgynous because, in the myth, Ganymede was a “beautiful boy” who was stolen up to Olympus to be the water bearer of the gods. The full moon on August 3 signaled a time to open your heart to creativity, imagination, playfulness. At their best, Aquarius is known for being progressive, original, and independent. We are also in Leo season, and Leo is all about having childlike wonder and enthusiasm. Try new things without worrying about whether you‘ll “succeed”. You are worthy of learning something new! Don’t be too headstrong... observe and listen. You don’t have to have the answers or draw the map yourself. Allow yourself to be entertained by the information coming in.

Full Moon in Aries

Full Moon in Cancer

Full Moon in Cancer ♋️ themes of the home, family, security, emotions stirring under our shells, whispers of change on the horizon 🌅 🐚 A time to nurture the light within 🌟 What’s been stirring inside you? What’s been looking for a way out? Allow it. What emotions need to be expressed? Express them! Don’t wait for security or a safe space… we can’t rely on the outside world for that. The only permission you need is your own. Shine 🌟

Full Moon in Leo

🌝 Full Moon in Leo 🌞 February 16, 2022 🌻 • 🌟 ♌️ 🌟 • 🦁 Courage, love, passion, creativity, fun, self-expression, inspiration 💡 ♥️ 💡 Have we been worried about doing what’s "right", taking on burdens, tolerating things that don't align with our spirit? Revealing the truth about ourselves can make us feel vulnerable, and that's okay. It's necessary when we are shifting to be exactly who we are. There may be aspects of our lives we’ve been working on... The lessons we've learned from this process have had enough time to settle in. We are ready to be authentic, expressive, passionate, creative, and honest. We are ready to prioritize our own joy. 😃 😁 🥳 Mantra: “Shed self-doubt & embrace renewed self-confidence”

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