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Full Moon in Taurus

Updated: Nov 11, 2022

♉️ 🐃 Full Moon in Taurus + Lunar Eclipse• November 8, 2022

I drew this in 2020. It’s interesting to look back just two years ago and see how this astrology series has changed and progressed, and how my illustration skills have improved. I made a few digital edits to upgrade it while honoring where and who I was at that time.

🌎 Taurus, the headstrong, grounded earth sign. The constellation is interpreted as a bull. Taurus is a fixed sign, the family of signs known for steady willpower and resistance to change. In traditional astrology, it is ruled by Venus, the planet of feminine energy, love, creativity, and beauty. Taurus is known for patience, perseverance, and an appreciation for comfort and stability.

🌕 Full Moons are a time to check in with our internal world. Recognize what’s working, and release what isn’t. While the Full Moon is moving through Taurus, we may feel a need for grounding in reality and routine, and seek comfort in what we already know.

👁 However, this full moon is also a lunar eclipse. Eclipses create energetic alignment and tension between the moon, the sun, and Earth. When that tension is released, we experience deep changes and transitions. Let the energy settle. While you may feel stubborn Taurus energy rising up, fighting the changes and discomfort, resisting will only make it harder.

🌿 Now is the time for allowing, accepting, and listening. Challenges make us stronger; they are opportunities to learn and grow. Understand what makes you feel comfortable and grounded and invest your energy into cultivating that within yourself, instead of being angry at the turbulence of the outside world. Honor your inner stability and be strong like the bull (without the bad temper.)

♏️ Full Moons happen when the sun is direct across from the moon, lighting it up. Which sign the sun is in impacts our outer world. At this time, the Sun is in Scorpio, a fluid water sign. Emotional, intuitive, and spontaneous, with a tendency to hold grudges and lash out. Scorpio is ruled by Mars, the planet of masculine energy, passion, war, and action.

💥 Don’t let the stubborn nature of Taurus keep you stuck in old internal patterns that don’t serve you. The outer world is changing, whether you like it or not, and hiding in your comfort zone won’t work. Embrace the adventurous, passionate Scorpio energy happening outside and combine it with the grounded, logical Taurus energy inside. Find the balance between your head and your heart. Create new sources of stability and personal power. Take charge of your resources. Work magic over your life.

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