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Full Moon in Pisces

Drawing of Pisces. Two Pisces mermaids swim in a flow state between dreams and reality, toward growth and freedom, and release what no longer serves them under the Full Moon.
Pisces swims in a flow state between dreams and reality, swimming toward growth and freedom, and releases what no longer serves her under the Full Moon.

♓️ 🐟 Full Moon in Pisces • September 10, 2022

🌧️ Pisces, the dreamy water sign. The constellation is interpreted as two fish attached by a cosmic string, often shown swirling in a dance of duality. Pisces is ruled by Jupiter in classical astrology, and Neptune in modern astrology. Jupiter represents freedom, play, and expansion; Neptune represents the collective consciousness, dreams, artistry, and illusion.

🌕 Full Moons act as a cosmic spotlight on our internal world. They are a time to recognize what’s working, and release what isn’t. While the Full Moon is moving through Pisces, we may feel like we’re floating in uncharted waters, a bit lost and vulnerable in the mysterious ocean of our inner world.

👁️ Stay present and grounded as best you can. Avoid external input and opinions that aren’t supportive, or substances that altar your perception. Clarity is needed in this time of illusion.

☀️ Full Moons happen when the sun is directly across from the moon, lighting it up. At this time, the Sun is in Virgo, the grounded earth sign of practicality, organization, loyalty, and purity. Use Virgo’s discernment to ground yourself during this full moon.

🧭 At this time, there are several other transits occurring between other astral bodies.

🗣 Mercury, ruler of communication, is retrograde in in the sign of Libra, ruler of judgement. Slow down, be intentional in your interactions and the way you use technology to communicate.

🌝 The Moon is sextile Uranus. A sextile indicates easy flowing energy between two astral bodies. The full moon energy of release meets Uranian energy of innovation, discovery, technology, and awakening. It’s time to leave your comfort zone.

🌊 Don’t fight the waves of Piscean illusion; instead, choose your state of being as you go with the flow. When you feel right inside, whatever happens externally can’t hold power over you.

📖 We are in transition from the Age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius. The Age of Pisces coincided with the birth of Christ, and early Christians were called "little fishes". Pisces is a symbol of Christ consciousness, the enlightenment attained after a period of suffering. We may feel lost and vulnerable, but these difficult times are the key to our greatest joy, guiding us through illusion to reach our truth.

🌟 Become aware of what’s holding you back from living freely, being purely and uniquely you. What’s stopping you from following your dreams and sharing your truth? Let it go and trust that whatever is falling apart now will allow the right things to flow into place.

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