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Road to Lucidity 2024: Aurora’s Light

Updated: May 11

I’m officially a Lucidity Ambassador!

This is my first time partnering with a festival this way; normally I’m on the artist line up, so it’s fun to expand my involvement and level up my promotion skills. Hyping up a west coast festival on the other side of the country to my east coast community, letting them know what’s up over in Cali! I’m spreading the good word about how beautiful this festival is for all ages and flavors of people. There is something for everyone at Lucidity. I hope to see you there!

Use this link

And promo code MBOILEAU for $11 off your ticket to paradise!

This post is a living document, a journal if you will. I am taking my little family to California to paint at Lucidity and be discovered by patrons who will love us and buy our paintings! It shall be an adventure of everything falling into place magically and aligning for our highest good! I’m dreaming BIG and I’m sharing the story here as I go.

I painted at Lucidity 2019 and had a blast. Since then I’ve moved back to Florida, where I’ve found a whole new festival family. But the west coast will always have a piece of my heart, so back we go! Back to the mountains, the deserts and valleys, the sunsets, the vibes.

See you in Santa Barbara 💜 ⛰️ 🌳

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